ELF Tranself NFP 75w-80, 5 L

Extreme-pressure lubricant of the Super High Performance (SHP) type for very highly stressed gearboxes. New Fuel Economy formulation.

• Adaptated lubricant for Renault vehciles aquipped with P, J , NDX, TL4 family gearboxes • Specially recommended for easy gear changing in cold weather: also retains its outstanding qualities when hot, ensuring the smoothest possible operation and longer life for gearbox components.
Renault PXX, JXX, NDX, TL4 gearboxes • Nissan P gearboxes

• Advanced protection for synchro components. • Outstanding resistance to shear. • Extreme-pressure and anti-wear capabilities enabling gears to function under the most severe stresses. • Unrivalled thermal performance, guaranteeing a stable product even under heavy loads and at high temperature. • Particularly stable coefficient of friction ensuring satisfactory synchronisation in all conditions. • High viscosity index and low pour point ensuring perfect lubrication at all temperatures. • Outstanding rust control and anticorrosion properties. • Very high antifoaming power. • Inert to seals.



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